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Lisa Yoga Class


Asanas help us to improve the body structure  and lubricate the joints, creating freedom of movement within the joints. The asanas also strengthen and lengthen the ligaments and muscles. The asanas have been selected with a view that they will tone the internal organs and strengthen the nerves . The functional performance of the internal body is subsequently improved.


The seemingly physical asanas have a great potential to change the behavioral pattern of the practitioner, which in turn changes the mental structure, enabling the practitioner to proceed further and remain on the spiritual path.

The practice of the asanas brings a sequential progression of movement . It brings a progressive activation of the internal body so that one penetrates through the outer body to the inner one, and again through the body to the mind, to excavate the hidden energy of one's very existence. To reach the source of the being - the soul.

The practice of the asanas help to direct our consciousness by enriching our lives making it positive and meaningful.

Private Classes

Private Classes

Lisa offers one on one sessions and private classes for individuals, couples and small groups.

People who are not able to keep up with the group class schedule or not very comfortable in public groups can benefit a lot from private classes.

These classes are personalized as per students needs and abilities.

Individualized attention, focus and consultation help students practice yoga with more confidence and awareness. 

Group Classes

In Person Group Classes

Lisa regularly takes classes at various yoga studios and yoga shalas in Sanur.

Her group classes are popular with students at

Desa Yogi Iyengar Yoga Shala and

Power of Now in Sanur, Bali.

To know the schedule and details of her classes

contact Lisa

Online Classes

Online Classes

Take Lisa's yoga classes from anywhere in

the world.


Lets distances and times not break your yoga practice. Lisa has a regular online yoga class schedule as per your needs and level. 

Click on this link to see the detailed

Online Class Schedule

Online Yoga
Standing Yoga Pose
Standing Asanas


These asanas bring our attention to how we stand  and correct the posture of the body. 

Twist Yoga Pose


Twisting helps to nourish and lengthen the spine.

Twist poses help the mind to look at life from all sides.

Forward Bend Yoga Pose
Forward Bends


Forward extension is done creating concavity of the spine and bringing a soft rotation in the abdominal muscles.

Backward bend
Backward Bends


Apart from flexibility of the spine one needs firmness of the spinal muscles. Backbend asanas strengthen the spine muscles.

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