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Lisa Yoga

My Yoga Journey

My yoga journey started in 1998. After many years of attending gyms and weight training sessions, I decided to be kinder on my body. Yoga showed me the way. Slowly, I got inspired to know more about the spiritual side and the many facets of yoga.

In 2008, I completed my Vinyasa yoga teacher training course. A yoga technique that focuses on the alignment of movement and breath - a method to turn static asanas into a dynamic flow.

Vinyasa  yoga was the  beginning of my understanding  that ‘yoga helps the mind to be peaceful’...

However after a while the music and continual flow were having the reverse effect - the  constant straining of my neck to follow the seamless movements of the amazing teacher. I became increasingly less flexible .


 And in the same year, I discovered Iyengar yoga. The practice of yoga that is precision based.

If we can align the spine we can align the mind .

A life altering experience.  I found my true path.

The first class was what i now understand to be YOGA. The complete mind, body and soul connection. 

I finally felt my body was changing . The poses  I was continually trying trying were now making sense.

Iyengar yoga Is taught in a way that the mind teaches the body what to do.

My hamstrings got longer in one class. Imagine with a regular Iyengar practice..  

In 2013, I travelled to Pune, the home of Guruji B.K.S Iyengar, the founder of Iyengar Yoga and I continue to travel to Pune regularly .

In 2015, I studied and practiced with Br. Rudra Dev, a senior Iyengar Teacher in Rishikesh, India.

I have taught yoga in Nepal, India, Philippines, Australia and Bali.

I run regular retreats and teach one on one sessions as well as my regular classes.

Lisa Iyengar Yoga

My Yoga Practice

I don't believe in sharing knowledge unless I know it to be true... and this applies to my yoga practice.

I use my body to discover and experience the truth and only then share it with my students.

My style of Iyengar- I try to teach it exactly as it has been taught to me. Why do I not fabricate a new way?

Because the way they've taught me has worked on me. And if it is worked on me, it will work on you.

My passion is fed when I see my students' bodies and minds change to become more open and flexible.

These changes however do not happen after just one class. Commitment to a regular practice will not only benefit your body and mind but bring positive changes to your life.


My insights and wisdom are gained from my daily practice and by attending ​ hundreds of hours of practice  with very amazing teachers .

I am also blessed to continually learn as  ’the students teach the teacher’ I continue to teach so many, many students and continue  gaining greater insights through them .

The mind is the ruler of your body…

The breath is the ruler of your mind…




My Mentorship

Within the practice of Iyengar Yoga we are continually being observed by our teachers. Guruji was a believer in tradition but at the same time he was a great revolutionary. He discovered new paths for imparting objective knowledge of a philosophical subject like yoga. Legacy was important to him but he recognized as the community grew larger a different framework for teaching and assessment would be needed.

Over the past few years Geeta Ji ,Prashanti Ji, and Abijata repeatedly pointed out that assessments were losing their basic purpose and teacher training is becoming a money making business. Their observation and criticism have immense value in Iyengar yoga.

RIYMI have suggested they go back to the traditional method of becoming yoga teachers…i.e Mentorships


I have been blessed to have started my mentorship program to become a certified level one Iyengar teacher with Kathy Cook from Desa Yogi here in Bali Indonesia.

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